Sunday, February 13, 2011

saturday night special: abigail washburn.

When I pick favorites, they tend to stick.  Even after I've found something that speaks to me on a greater, or just profoundly different level, I don't change my answer.  It takes a lot of thinking.  A lot of deciding.  And tonight I'm owning up to my "official" favorite musician.  Abigail Washburn (with and without The Sparrow Quartet), you win.  Any album I can listen to repeatedly for almost a year, and not want to stray from, is rare.  And valued.

And, hey, I saw you at Relix in Knoxville back in November.  One of the best concerts ever.  Now the only thing I have to ask myself is, why was I not at the Blue Plate Special the day you guys played?  Seriously?

Really.  I work right across the street from this place.  I eat lunch there (they make a quality pimento cheese sandwich), from time to time.  How did I miss this?

How many times have I rocked out to that very song while driving past that very building?*  I'll tell you.


But it wouldn't be an Abigail Washburn post without my favorite Abigail Washburn song:

Oh.  Oh.  Be still, my heart.

P.s.  I love your hair.

*Yeah, I rock out to bluegrass.  What about it?

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