Wednesday, February 16, 2011

movies and home and family and a cat.

Well, it's a good thing I read nine books last month, because I don't think I'm even going to make it to five this month.  I, um, got burnt out?  Ha!  That didn't last long.  Another part of it, I think, is that I was reading a lot of fast-paced, addictive stuff, and now I'm rummaging around in that dreaded to-read list.  I'm not used to adult fiction.  Or, for that matter, Christian fiction.  Or non-fiction.  And I really want to get back into reading plays, but does that count as a book?  [My vote says yes.]  Plus, I've been working more, and not sick, and spending time with friends.  Amazing, right?

And I've been watching movies.  Books were starting to overwhelm me, I guess?  Who am I, all of a sudden?  I'm sure I'll get back into it soon enough.  Anyway, Joshua and I watched Ramona and Beezus the other night, as well as Despicable Me (a veritable marathon of feel-goodery, there), and it was delightful.  I loved the Ramona books as a kid.  And the movie was just wonderful.  And, oh, how I cried.  Not that that means much.  I cry at everything.

how cool is this frame? [found here] i need to learn how make these.

I'm home in Louisville right now, by the way.  It's great.  Other than being away from Joshua, that is.  But I get to see my parents and grandmother and friends and some extended family, too, this week.  Oh.  It will be so good for my soul.  Living away from my hometown is both liberating and frustrating.  I like having my own life, being totally independent (at least, of my parents), and working and making my own friends, etc.  But I miss my family.  Gah!  It's not like I'm college anymore, where you sort of prove who you are to yourself by being away from home.  That's how it was for me, and it was the right move to go out-of-state, but I'm past that now, you know?  I have proof of my maturity.  Or whatever.  I just want to be able to have lunch with my mom every once in a while.

Thus, a three-and-a-half-day trip to Louisville.  Go Cards!

I brought Oliver, too, which is kind of hilarious.  How often do you see cats chilling in a passing car, like you would a dog?  We travel with our cats a lot, and I like to think that others get a kick out of it.  Of course, it's a lot easier to let cats roam free in the car when there are two of us.  Since it was only me today, poor Olly Bear had to stay in the carrier.

I think he's over it now, though.  :)


  1. When we moved to CT from CA this past summer we did 7 days in the car with 4 cats and a dog roaming about... it was an adventure, for sure, and we got lots of amused/horrified/surprised looks from fellow travelers. I blogged about it... in May 2010's archives, if you dig around :)

    Hope ya have fun in Louisville. Drink an Ale8 for me!


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