Wednesday, July 13, 2011

signing autographs.

Last night, my husband and I sifted through and signed 24 pieces of paper, which means... we have a mortgage. Oh yeah. One of those things. So grown-up.

Our future house! Complete with mortgage, kitchen and basement!
Three really great things about this:
  One, obviously:  we are homeowners (buhh?).
  Two: I would be lying if I said I didn't pretend that I was autpgraphing books and/or playbills the entire time. It satisfied my daydream-impulse and made me unreasonably happy.
  Three: the word "mortgage" still makes me think of Senor Cardgage. There are certain things I will never outgrow. Homestar = love.

Of course, the most fun/least productive thing about moving is the inevitable furniture daydream. And, even though we won't really have room for one, behold:  the courting chair.


Oh, gorgeous, glamorous courting chair.

How do I love (love!) thee?

Certainly not how I love human beings, but look! This one seats three!
(Disclaimer: the poem really goes downhill from here.)

I love thee in public in South America.
I love thee wrought from iron.

I love how your purpose stays the same, through all the different style-ron(s).
(No more rhyming.)

Oh, to talk with you, love.

To hold your hand, here where the S bends.

To hold your hand and tell you-- in the parlor,

or the backyard...

I'll act like I'm not staring straight into your ocean blues, or pearly grays
(I'm not picky).

(I am, however, drooling.)

You, darling, belong on my back deck.

Even the Elves are doing it.

Okay, that got a little creepy in the end. Note to self: no more love poems about chairs.
Pardon me while I collect myself. 

Anyway, it's true. Courting chairs make me want to write about love. This is huge, people. Huge. (They might even kiss.)



  1. Hee hee! You are awesome! I had no idea that the concept of the courting chair escaped the 1800s! That's amazing!

    Congrats on the mortgage... it's definitely a rite of passage.

    Oh, and one more thing we have in common... I <3 Homestar! (Actually, StrongSad is my favorite)...

  2. The Ode to the Courting Chair made me happy. I'm now hellbent on writing one into some scene in some project of mine because they are so pretty.

    And the last one made me laugh.

    Congrats on the mortgage! Your new house is CUTE.

  3. i love courting chairs too! fantastic poem, julie. YOU are fantastic. i'm so jealous you have a mortgage! what a cute house, too. i wouldn't have pictured you in anything else.

  4. Loved the poem and the pics! Didn't know there was such a thing as a courting chair. LOL!

  5. "Even the elves are doing it!" Classic! And weirdly, I've never heard of courting chairs! But now I want some, too.

    I don't know how I missed this post, otherwise I wouldn't have hit you up for pictures of your house in my email. Although, if you want to show my your kitchen and your basement, I'm cool with that.

    I didn't plan on it before, but when I sign my mortgage papers in the near future, I'm pretending like I'm at a book signing. Although, I'll probably lose myself and start talking to imaginary fans, and everyone will be like, "Wha...?"

  6. Congrats to you guys! We are so close to getting our first home, too! It's so scary, but exciting!

  7. Hey, thanks for posting my Sparkfest icon on your site! I recently changed my URL without realizing this would affect the icons. I feel pretty stupid about that, but would appreciate it if you could update to the new icon. (The old one isn't broken, but has my old URL displayed in the image.)

    Sorry for the inconvenience and a big THANKS to your patience as I figure this all out :D

    The new code is posted in my sidebar. (Blogger won't let me send HTML over comments.)

  8. Courting chair??? That may have been normal back in the its design reminds me of something Lady Gaga commissioned. Anyway, so cool. Nice to meetcha. Congrats on the house.


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