Monday, June 10, 2013

my cat is famous. but not really.

Hey everyone! Today is my birthday, and this is how I'm celebrating: sharing videos of my cat.

He and I made a guest appearance in a TSwift music video parody by my brill CP Christine. About writing! Yay!

Featuring the wonderful and cheery Jeigh!

And guys, in case you're feeling scuffled up about it... I had no idea the cat dancing would look so extreme. Bahah. No felines were harmed in the making of that video (sadly, the index card will never be the same).

Speaking of felines who were not harmed, here's Oliver being his weird self at a church community group get-together:

Yes, the old boy is a finger-sucker.

Hope everyone has a lovely June 10th. I'm going to spend it doing happy things and welcoming myself into the vibrant world of my late-twenties. Onward!