Sunday, February 27, 2011

monday mixtape... on sunday?

I had this idea that I would do a regular thing called "Monday Mixtape," wherein I would fascinate you all with my exquisite taste in music.  I made a playlist on iTunes for it and everything.

It was going to be SO awesome.

But then I went to a Greencards concert, and I can't NOT share that with you, even though it's not Monday, and, technically, neither a "mix," nor a "tape."

If you take these two videos, pretend like they took place at the Square Room in Knoxville on Febraury 26th, and imagine the audience sitting at tables with candles and wine, you've got the opening of the show we went to last night.  Sigh.

Don't ask me why the second video is so much smaller.  I have no control over such things... apparently.

These people delight me.  I know this is silly, but I'm even amazed at the... attractiveness of all involved parties.  I mean.  Just look at them.

Australia never made bluegrass look so good.

Well, Australia and the Philippines and Oregon, respectively.

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