Tuesday, February 22, 2011

jessica fixed it!

Here's a big thank you to my friend Jess (who blogs about being a foodie in DC ::here::) for sending me a jpeg of my Mere Christianity word cloud.  So, in case you really wanted to see it big, but didn't feel like clicking the link (links: so overrated), here it is:

Big and pretty.  And, uh, here's a link to Wordle.

My favorite thing about this is the way some of the words come together.  Like, "INTENDED HEART," and, "NICE LITTLE MAN."  There are more, but I don't see them right now.  Please share if you find one.

In other news, I finally realized I could correct the time zone for this thing.  I'd been posting in Pacific Time since I started blogging, almost a year ago.  I just never cared to change it.  It was kind of nice to post something at 1AM and still be able to say it was the previous day.  For example: tornado post?  Totally would have been marked as February 6th instead of the 5th.

So, I guess I'm going to have to start paying attention.  Welcome back to Eastern Time, self!

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