Thursday, October 18, 2012

i don't know what happened...

A million trillion apologies. My blog has been selling stuff like a lunatic lately, without my consent (stupid blog). It's as if it knew, "Hey, she's going to be away from the internet for a while. Attack!"

I have changed my password, twice for good measure, and... as frustrating as it is, I will likely reactivate the "please prove you're not a robot" thing.

Other than that madness, here's what's going on:

I am in Bend, Oregon! Hello, Oregon. Gosh you're pretty (I should probably take more pictures).

Up next on the trip: Portland! Olympia! Seattle! Salt Lake City! Rexburg! Featuring the unique CP stylings of Christine Tyler and Jeigh Meredith, and a wild dance party of productivity with the Writers' Group of Joy and Awesomeness.

Oh, and there's something I should probably announce, in a few day's time. Not particularly writing-related, but still a common theme on this blog. Hint: I'm beginning to feel a bit more transient in nature than I ever expected.

Sorry again for all the dumb advice my blog felt it just HAD to share while I was driving across the country.

Cheers. :)


  1. Haha I was wondering what was going on. Anyway...welcome to Oregon? =P

  2. I really like your background. How long has it been like this? Also, you are going to be at my house in two days. !!!


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