Monday, January 7, 2013

my blog is undead.

This did not happen on purpose. I didn't sit down and think, "now would be a good time to get hacked and have my blog start spamming readers about credit scores and family planning." *ugly sigh*

And yet, here I am. It happened at an appropriate time, at least. I had been questioning my relationship with blogging for months, and ho! An excuse to avoid it!


My avoidance issues know no bounds. Even starting a NEW blog didn't help.

And then I thought, a SECRET blog, perhaps? The benefits of secret-blogging were like waves of honey and amber in a moonlit forest: bad poetry that made my mouth water, anyway.

But really, I'm just being silly and I know it. I'm afraid of getting back into the social aspects of blogging, even though the social aspects of blogging gave me my crit partners, and countless other invaluable writing friends.

So, forgive me friends, for the months and months of mulling. Questions like, "Who am I REALLY? What do I want to say, REALLY? What is my platform, REALLY?" When, REALLY, all I need to do is shut up, write, and be myself.

I won't deny that I have social anxieties. I always have. I get fretty. I abandon things for months on end.

But I generally always come back.

Hello, there!


  1. Being undead makes this a zombie blog, which is sort of cool. Welcome back!

  2. Yay! You're back! :) I've missed you and your social anxieties.

    As if you're the only one who has them ;)

  3. Hello! Welcome back! Don't worry, I think most writers have some kind of social anxiety (I know I do).

  4. I'm sorry about the horrible hacking, but I'm glad you're still around in the blogging world :-)


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