Wednesday, October 10, 2012

guys! guys! road trip wednesday!

As I sit here in my p'jams, eating pasta-from-a-pack for dinner (with a rescued OrangeLeaf spoonie-thing as utensil), I realize that it is HIGH TIME I rejoin the ranks for RTW.

total glamour.
Road Trip Wednesday is a "blog carnival" hosted by YA Highway. It's lots of fun (says the girl who always forgets to play-- oops).

This week's topic: What do you hope to be writing in one year? Three? Five?

Good question, internet.
The short answer: SOMETHING ELSE.

More specifically: I have reason to believe that one year from now, I will still be working on B&A, just in a different phase of the journey. After that, however, there are a lot of different things I'd like to try. I love writing short stories, and I've always wanted to develop more of those for submission and whatnot. This may come as a surprise to some (or, haha, as no surprise to others), but the work I was actually proudest of in college was a 10-minute play. (oh, be still my heart.)

So, now you know my pipe dreams. HA! Not including the current one.

As far as what I want to write about, here is a conglomerate love list (since I missed that week, too) of the ideas that are always fumbling around in my brain:

MC who feels no physical pain, but craploads of emotion
labyrinth under a woefully mundane small town
unrequited love (a popular theme from the first 2.2 decades of my life)
glass arrowheads
red hair and brown eyes
parents genetically altering the looks of their children
Jamey Purlock, in all his glory (please find a home. I want to write you.)
girls school in American South during WWII

So... obviously not all the same story. Haha.

... OR IS IT?

No, seriously, there's no way.

I won't assign years to these things, since I honestly cannot fathom the timeline, but there you go. Whee!

*snuggles back into writing cave*


  1. Uh, I have a whole passel of redheaded nieces and a few of them have THE MOST AMAZING BROWN EYES. It seriously, for a while, made me change my MCs eyes to brown, because it was so. pretty. But then I changed it back, because, as you know, she isn't a red head. Heh. Anyway, one of my nieces has these beautiful reddish brown curls, and I swear, her eyes are the same color. Not in a creepy, demon way. It is the most beautiful thing. I can't wait to hear more of these stories! And to see where you (and me) are in 1/3/5 years!

  2. I love these ideas you have! Write them so we can all read them! :) Can you imagine trying to get them all into the same story? I think that would just be the biggest challenge known to man (woman?) lol. That's a great list of potential books that I would definitely be interested in reading.

  3. These ideas sound great! I keep a list like that too (a file on my comp called IDEAS! How original, right?) and something I go over it to see if I can mesh some topics together, or if something sparks while reading it.
    I know what you mean. There's no way I can predict what I'll be writing in 5 years.

  4. Love your story ideas! I'm a total sucker for unrequited love. And the MC who can't feel physical pain sounds amazing. Write these! :)

  5. Oh your list is awesome! I can't wait to see what comes of them. It's hard to plan ahead, so much can happen in one year, let alone five!!

  6. Yay RTW!

    I need to start doing that again too :)

    LOVE your list. Especially number one. Get writing, girl!


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