Saturday, May 21, 2011

where i am right now.

Quite literally, I am currently at a climbing range near Soddy Daisy, TN, which is about the most adorable and humorous name for a town I know of. I am also currently blogging from my husband's fancy phone, which is both difficult, and not as bad as I thought it would be. Some call this "thumb blogging," some meaning me, and I don't think I'm too bad at it. Of course, if you were here watching me, you'd probably laugh.

In other news, the world doesn't seem to have ended. Anyone else secretly think, Please not yet, I still have a book to write? Or, Please not yet, I don't want "Ode to Mumble Cruncher" to be the last thing anyone sees on my blog? Yeah, me too. Of course, if it came down to it, I've got nothing against spending eternity with my savior. But, you know.

As much as I'm totally cool with the possibility of being raptured, or whatever, I'm also glad that the world's not over because I've got an award to give out! More on that later this evening, though, because I'm kind of over the thumb blogging. Proof: g. w


  1. Haha, yess! I've been thinking all day, "If it really happens, I'm going to be upset cause my books aren't finished yet! I have so much more work to do!"

    But hey, the hype is kind of entertaining. X)

  2. Of course being raptured wouldn't be a bad thing, but there's still so much to do in life!

  3. Soddy Daisy. Love. Also, I can't be raptured until we meet in person :) At least.

    My word verification: sacti. Soft cacti.


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