Friday, May 13, 2011

and then i quit my day job, again!

Well, poo. I wrote all about it, and then blogger ate it, I guess.

This is me on my first day of not working. I'm at the library, which is blissfully quiet now that schools are out (or close to being out). I'm excited about the next several months. In case you missed the post that got swallowed, it went pretty much like this:

I want to clean my house! I want to blog and write more! I want to learn how to cook, even though I'm not good at it and don't enjoy it! I want to go outside more!

I love Mast General Store, and I'll miss it terribly. And by "it," I mean my co-workers and the company. The job itself? At the end of the day, selling shoes is selling shoes is selling shoes. The only shoes I'll miss selling? Chacos. I could talk about Chacos forever. [Here's where I'd really like to put in a link to Chaco's website, but it looks like it doesn't even exist, right now. Weird.]

[my opinions, not those of Mast.]

I think that covered most of it.

Get excited, readers. I feel a lot of blogging coming on.


  1. I know I'M excited. And not just about the more blogging. Writing! Librarying! Cooking? Oh, I mean, Cooking! Visiting! Other Stuff! It's going to be the best. summer. ever.


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