Tuesday, May 24, 2011

whatever you do...

Whatever you do, friends, when you're this close to finishing a project you've been working on for nearly a year, don't start playing Plants vs. Zombies. Just don't. You'll thank me later.

My Zombatar. Ain't he handsome?

However, if you're NOT this close to finishing a project you've been working on for nearly a year, by all means. Have some fun! Who doesn't love obliterating undead keister? Especially with cartoon vegetation. 

[Who thinks of this stuff?]

Anyway, since I'm this close to finishing a project I've been working on for nearly a year, I might do a little vanishing act. Things you can expect, though, are as follows:

A special post on May 28 (featuring classic cartoons), and Bess Weatherby's Second Summer in the City Blogfest on June 6. Other than that, it's up in the air, but I'm hoping beyond hope that I'll have something to celebrate with y'all* very, very soon.

*I may not be Southern enough to drink sweet tea, but I sure am Southern enough to say "y'all."


  1. Happy finishing your project! :) I am looking forward to that cartoon post.

  2. I had a friend from Arkansas in college who would say "all y'all." It was cute.

    I would wish you luck with that which you are so close to finishing, but you're done now. So. One more Wahoo! oughta do it.

  3. wahhh! I love plants vs. zombies! I had it downloaded onto my computer and wasted many an hour playing it while I should have been studying last year. X)


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