Wednesday, October 27, 2010

thoughts while waiting for my tea to cool.

I'm at the library, in my second favorite spot.  I have "Trampled Rose," by Carolina Chocolate Drops stuck in my head.  I ordered a peppermint chocolate latte (which, I suppose, is actually a peppermint mocha), but The Bookmark Cafe hasn't gotten their order of milk in yet today.  So I settled for an earl grey tea.  But, let's be honest, there wasn't much "settling" about it.  I kind of wanted earl grey, actually, but feared the lack of sugar mixed with my caffeine would inhibit the hyper mess I had hoped to become today.

My only problem with ordering hot tea at a coffee shop is that the "hot" is taken too literally.  With coffee drinks, you get the same "hot" at the beginning, but it peters out after all the other fun stuff goes in.  With tea, seriously, all you get is the tea to tone things down (which it doesn't).  I would have added cream or something, but I like earl grey the way it is, so now I'm stuck with a delicious-smelling cup of scalding water that I won't be able to drink for another fifteen minutes, at least.

I may not make it to hyper mess today.  I may have to settle for mellow mess.  But as long as I can get some work done, and touch my drink to my mouth without gagging on white hot steam, I'll get through the day just fine.


  1. you've inspired me to write a story about a man named Earl Grey.

    just thought you'd like to know. :)

  2. "I would have added cream or something, but I like Earl Grey the way he is."



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