Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the hobbyist.

I believe the best job I could have would be to collect and study hobbies. I would be called The Hobbyist, and I would learn all kinds of fun stuff. Who wants to be an expert in any given field, when you could be mediocre at a lot of interesting things?!

No, seriously. That speaks directly to my soul. I am even, perhaps, an expert at mediocrity.

Here are the hobbies I would study:
1. Soapmaking. Vegan, probably, because dead animal parts freak me out.
2. Candle making. Same thing.
3. Cooking. Please.
4. Craftiness.
5. Making (but mostly watching) Youtube videos.
6. Blogging (hey!)
7. Hand dancing?

Sure. As long as you only expect so-so, I can totally do all these things.

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