Thursday, September 30, 2010

one weird dream.

I had a bizarre dream last night in which I begged a lady I didn't know to cut my hair, right then and there in the cereal isle of the grocery store, because I just couldn't stand it anymore.  She did, I thanked her, and went about my day.  I didn't know what my new hair looked like until I caught my reflection in a mirror at some social event (odd, since I rarely attend such things).  It looked, for lack of a better example, a bit like this:

Not as flattering on me, and in the dream it was even weirder.

I went into panic mode.  I found the woman who had cut my hair (of course we were at the same party-- or was it in the grocery parking lot?) and screamed at her.  She said, "You said you wanted it short," and I said, "Yeah, but not this short!  And what's with the color?" (In the dream, in was almost jet black.)  She said, "I knew you wanted it colored."  Like that was an answer.  I said, "I wanted it auburn!  It looks like-- like--"  I never found out what my dream self thought it looked like.  I woke up and saw that it was 9:00, which is when I was supposed to leave.

I was ten minutes late to work because my hair issues have entered my subconscious.  Also, because I ignored my alarm.

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