Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a little blog identity crisis.

"Identity crisis" is one of those terms that makes me roll my eyes and think, "You're only saying that because you thought it was cool when others said it."  And yet here I am, using it, too.

Have you, you lucky few, noticed that I keep changing the look over here?  It's the crisis.

Not only do I not know what to blog about, but now I can't decide what the page should look like.  I'm pretty sure it's just going to have to change with my mood, and today I'm feeling paint-flingy.  And perhaps a tad rosy, though the reason for that one evades me.  Rose is not typically my color.  I do like it best of all the pinks... though I generally hate pink.

But isn't rose far better than plain, awful pink?

Well, now that I've exhausted arguing with myself over which shades are best within one color, here's a list of things:

1.  I got excited for Christmas today.  I know, way too early.

2.  I had to remind myself to dread Christmas instead, because now I work retail.  At one of the most popular and awesome and (come December) Christmasy stores in Knoxville.  I.e., holiday madhouse.

3.  Adelaide ran away two and a half weeks ago and still hasn't come home.  *frowny face*

4.  I'm going to spend half of next week on LeConte with Katie and that makes me happy, even if my cat did disappear forever, and Christmas is going to suck this year.

5.  I want a Phineas & Ferb water bottle.  Laugh all you like.  I am a FAN.  In fact, I'm going to reference it at the end of this post.

6.  I heart.heart.heart watching The Dick Van Dyke Show on Netflix.

7.  I finished the "Moon Trilogy," which is actually called The Last Survivors Trilogy, I think, and it was... meh?    I mean, the great kind of meh where I wished it would keep going, but still meh, because I know it won't.  Perhaps I should review it?  I don't know.  It won't be as glowing as I would have liked.

Speaking of things glowing, I sat through the latter 2/3 of Gone With The Wind last night, and I must say, I enjoyed it quite a bit.  I'd never seen that much of it in one sitting before.  What a long movie.  But everyone already knows that, so I don't know why I'm blogging about it.

Again with the crisis.

See you next time.

Julie is out.  Peace!

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