Thursday, May 3, 2012

hurry scurry road trip wednesday, brought to you by thursday morning.

A brief post to finally participate in RTW (or anything at all) again:

What IRL friends can you talk YA with? (that's the paraphrased version.)

Funny, because I just figured out today that IRL = in real life. Why must that be abbreviated, internet? It's not like it's hard to type, or over-used. Is it? I don't even know.

Believe it or not, a surprising number of my real-life friends are into YA, or are at least aware and/or respectful of it. I have a whopping THREE real-life friends (from three completely different circles) that have been writing YA for years. Three! And I didn't know about any of them until I came out as a YA-writing girl, myself. Like we'd all been keeping THE BIG YA SECRET without knowing it.

As far as YA-reading friends go, well... there are a bunch of those, as well. Some have come out of the woodwork and surprised me, while others have been there the whole time. I really am lucky, I guess.

But I still don't bring up YA around certain people. It's not everyone's cup of tea.

Or maybe I'm just shy.

Happy road tripping... yesterday!


  1. Cool post! I agree- when I first tell people that I write, it's funny how many people will come out as writers too.

  2. Yay for YA writers/readers :)

  3. "Like we'd all been keeping THE BIG YA SECRET without knowing it."
    Hah! So funny. And so true. It is kind of a secret in certain circles (like in my MFA program--I didn't announce that news to just anybody).
    Yay for irl YA friends! But the online ones still rock.

  4. Most people I know wouldn't even know what YA stands for. When I explain YA Paranormal, I get weird looks, LOL!


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