Wednesday, April 18, 2012

april is the wild card.

As you may have noticed, I am not participating in the A-Z blogging challenge. Sweet relief! There's no way I was gonna pull that off.

And since I've developed a false sense of no-one-can-see-me, I've switched to a font that does this blog absolutely no favors. The words are difficult to read, but they also LOOK WHIMSICAL, and let's not forget our priorities, here.

Also, no guarantee on the background. I am in IDENTITY CRISIS MODE.


I'm in Martha's Vineyard. This morning I woke up in Boston. Yesterday we went to Maine. This weekend we'll be in Manhattan.

And I've forgotten what day of the week it is (Wednesday. It's Wednesday).

random cat picture says,
"how productive can you really be on this thing?"

Perhaps I will post something that makes more sense tomorrow (now that we have internet again).

Until then, here's some unadulterated nonsense, for all you phone-puter gaming fans:


  1. I like the blog background. And the cat picture.
    Aah, cats... always wise ;-)

  2. Hey! Don't forget you will be in Connecticut soon too! So glamorous, I know :)

    I got so excited to see a post from you! Miss you around the webs.

    See you soon! Squawk!

    1. Gah, how could I forget CONNECTICUT?! :D See you soon!

  3. Have fun on your trip! Sorta jealous. :)


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