Thursday, January 5, 2012

new year, new thoughts, and news in general.


Ack, I never know how to start a blog post.
I mean, it comes around eventually, but it tends to take me a while.
Honestly. How does one START a blog post, without constantly alluding to starting a blog post?

Like, hey, it's January. Hello, January. You're looking rather... blustery. I'm glad for that, though. You are January, after all, and not... June.

Oh my gosh, I'm talking to the months.

Moving on.

So, I guess this is my proverbial, hey-it's-a-new-year post, wherein I talk about goals and resolutions and such. There's really no way around it.

{Hm. I could have just started there. Holy pants, I need to blog more. Then maybe I won't get stuck with the start quite so much. Because, you know, I will already be going. Smart.}

I have too many things to say, in general. Shall we continue in list form?

a} My new favorite writerly thing: 750 words! I wasn't going to make any cut and dry resolutions this year, but this is SO fun. Handy how I found it at this time of year, no? It's like a NaNo, but instead of shooting for 50k words in a month, it's just--you know--750 words a day. And if I write {at least} 750 words a day all year, that's almost 300k words written in 2012. If I limit those words to fiction, that's a LOT of raw material. Plus, when you hit 750, you get points and a breakdown of what you wrote, from mood to theme to most-often-used words. How could this not be awesome?

b} Shameless confession that you either already knew or probably saw coming: I watch a lot of anime. I just... had to make that known, again. For some reason.

c} It is high time to find a clearer direction for this blog. I'm thinking, like, planned, weekly posts, and everything. But not across the board. Because that would be very much against my floofy-headed nature. We'll start small, yeah? And, hey, if there's something you want to see more of, please let me know. Like, more pictures of my cats. I could probably swing that.*

*Please don't actually want this, because then I will have to comply, thus becoming
that girl who blogs about her cats and talks to the months.

d} In 2011, I read 50 books. Success! It was going to be a hundred, for, like, a second, and then it was 60, then I trimmed it to 50 in September when I saw how maddening the rest of the year was going to be, and then... I did it! So, kind of a success. And I thought, maybe this year I'll do the backwards of that and start with a laughably attainable goal, like... 17. I will undoubtedly read at least 17 books in 2012. But hopefully more. We'll find out when I get there. So far, I'm still chomping on the first one. Not because I don't love it, because I do, I'm just... worn out from cramming in the last two or three of last year. Ha.

e} Have you all heard of this One Little Word thing? I am intrigued. And thinking very much about a word to shape my year. Well, really, I'm fairly torn between two. I may just have to use both.

GRACE. As in, gracefulness, elegance, dignity. Because I tend to be sour when few others are looking, and it's time to change that.

INTENT. As in, with purpose, determination {but not in a competitive way} and focus. To go along with my sourness, I have a major lazy streak in me. After NaNo, when I realized that I had blanked on how to write with intent, the phrase really glued itself to my brain. As fun as that 30-day spree was, I don't want my whole life to become a blitz of unusable, sub-par days, no matter how many I accrue.

So, GRACEFUL INTENT, INTENTIONAL GRACE, or, just GRACE and INTENT. I think I need both. Is that cheating? Meh. No one's gonna lock me up for it. Yay for Two Little Words!

*end of the list*

Well, that was fun. OH! Some might remember a NaNo myth I once bragged to have unraveled. It wasn't that awesome. I had heard people talking about how they wouldn't be able to read at all that month, but I read a ton, and it helped my writing more than hindered it.


Kind of like real life, NaNo.

Kind of like real life.


  1. The 750 words thing looks intriguing. I've bookmarked it for when I finally get caught up on blog reading :-)

  2. I think I've got my one little word...been trying 3 out for a few days now, and one seems to fit my goal best...gonna ponder one more day, and then reveal!

    I don't like what I picture when I think of 'anime', but if 'Superbook,' from my the 80's would fit, I'd be OK.?? or this...maybe?
    Do these count? or are there anime without sex and violent relationships?

    Going over to see that 750 better right now!

    I love you, Julie, my little graceful bird!

  3. Hi Julie! Hi! Glad to have a post from you again. I've been thinkin' about you! Yay for goals and writing and reading! I have a goal of reading more non-fiction this year. Eep! And I want to wrap up Lilith and show her off (that's the novel)...

    Recommend some more anime! I just watched Princess Tutu and I loved it! I'm also a bit crazy! <3 you!

  4. Mama Lori, that video definitely mimics an anime style, but I'm not sure it would officially count. Is it Japanese?
    And, I promise, there is PLENTY of anime that isn't just about sex and violence. I stay far, far away from the really sexy stuff {just like anything else}, and the violence {in shows and movies I like the most, at least} is either cartoonish or integral to the plot, or both {violence doesn't bother me nearly as much as sex, though}. One of these days, I'd like to watch Spirited Away with you, or Howl's Moving Castle, or a few episodes of Fruits Basket or Brotherhood. I think you would LOVE Spirited Away.
    I watch anime for the storytelling and the art, both of which can be really, truly amazing. :)

  5. Only you could talk to the months and retain coolness, Julie. (Also, I'd like to point out you talked to NaNo, too. Which is...awesome.)

    I signed up for 750 words! We can encourage each other! You know, in yet another way! I'm excited.

    I've been thinking about the one word thing, too, and I love intent. Such a good word. I think mine should be STOP. As in, stop eating junk food. And using all my writing time to watch videos on YouTube. And hating my writing before it's even written.


    I've just decided to email you, because it's been too long! Talk soon! :B

  6. I'm not quite sure hiw to negin this comment. Lists are good.
    A. 750 words doesn't seem like that much. I could totally do that.
    B. Confession: I've never watched anime.
    C. My blog needs direction too. Heck, my life needs direction. Sometimes I have sneaking suspicion that I'm a ditz.
    D. 50 books! Success indeed. I should keep track. Feels like a lot, but I don't know.
    E. Love this idea. LOVE your words. I must discover my own word. And make a sign. And hang it on a wall.

    The end.

  7. I did One Little Word last year, but I chose two words. My aunt had given me a necklace with the words Joy and Dream on them, and those were really my words last year and now that I think about it, they really did shape my year. I should think of words for this year. :)

  8. What's this one word thing? I'm intrigued. You pick one word for the year?

    I love yours. And those are great goals!

  9. Julie Bird Purpose,

    a.k.a. J-Maugh (pronounced "Jay-Moe"),

    this is gonna be the year.

    One word: domination.

    keep up the good work,



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