Friday, October 28, 2011

angst-baking, nano, and youtube {oh my}.

So, I did that whole "sick" thing this past week. Great fun. I did not sleep AT ALL last Friday night, which I'm sure didn't help. I never got tired enough to even try. Bizarre. As you may know, I've had a lot on my mind. You know how stuff is, and how it always comes in threes {or, in my current case, fives}. At four in the morning last Saturday, after I stopped trying to sleep, something happened for the first time since college... or perhaps ever.

I angst-baked.

Flourless peanut butter cookies. Yurm. Want the recipe?

Mine did not look like this.

1 cup of peanut butter
1 cup of white sugar
1 egg

Mix it all together, spoon out your dollops, hashtag those puppies with your fork, and bake for 8 minutes. At least, that's what the website said to do. Methinks I should have left mine in for about 10. They ended up tasting like hot dough in cookie shapes. Granted, I have never had a successful solo cooking experience in my life {not counting spaghetti, microwave meals, or frozen pizzas}. So, for me? They were awesome.

Speaking of insanity {weren't we?}, I have decided that I absolutely must participate in NaNoWriMo, regardless of these things:

1. I will be in New York the first weekend of the month, and at camp the third.
2. I have no basis for the story, other than two characters and a vague idea.
3. I will have rehearsals to go to almost every night {oh yeah, I got into a play}.
4. My best friend has a brain tumor.*
5. I have a perfectly good WiP that does not deserve to be abandoned any further.
6. This thing freaking starts in four days.
7. Coffee is expensive.

*Remember the health issue I mentioned a few weeks ago? This is that. I've been not-saying-anything for a while, and it's been eating at me. If you don't want to read about Katie's grade II astrocytoma, I apologize in advance for the inevitability of my posting about it. I know I'll feel A LOT better if I can be open with you all.

On the flipside, here are the reasons *why*:

1. I have confidence that I'll be able to make up for lost words, before and after these trips.
2. I'm sure I have more of a basis than I realize, and I love what I do have.
3. Rehearsals don't start until 7:30.
4. Katie wants me to got for it.
5. My perfectly good WiP has been giving me the evil eye.
6. I'm {mostly) a pantser... why should I worry? I'll wing it, after all.
7. Tea is less expensive, and we have plenty of it.

As stupid as this endeavor sounds, in light of everything else that's going on, I can't help but be excited. Oh, the sweet release of going into another world. I sure could use more of that.

In keeping with the incoherent nature of this post, here's a music video. I've loved this song for years, but never saw the video {the wonderful, delightful video} until this week. I forget about things like YouTube. What a weirdo I am {and thanks, Katie, for finally getting me to watch it}.

Love to all! Tune in next time {or, the next few times} for lists of things I love, an award or two, and a dissertation on why I am OH MY GOSH still awake at this hour.*

*Probably not one to get your hopes up about.


  1. Angst baking at four am?! I only cook when necessary and I love sleeping, so this is hard to wrap my mind around. :) Sounds like lots of "fun" stuff is going on in your life right now. I'm sorry. My prayers are with your friend. She's lucky to have a friend like you to help her through it.

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo, you brave soul.

  2. Hey honey! I'll be rooting for you for NaNoWriMo, and scribbling furiously alongside you, even if I AM in CT. What are you up to in NY?

    Also... hugs again and a HUGE thank you for being such an amazing friend for Katie right now. She really needs that... and you are just too wonderful for words for being there for her. Let me know how I can help YOU help her...

    And... I LOVE YOU! :)

  3. That video makes me nostalgic for a childhood I didn't even have.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, I'll keep her in my thoughts. I'll keep you there, too, as we both tackle NaNo!

  4. Go for NaNo. It'll give you something to look forward to, a bright during tough times. I'm so sorry about your friend. I'll keep her in my prayers.

  5. You know, I've been tempted to do NaNo, too. Except Christine is coming. But I'm (most likely) not moving. But I don't know...Gah! Now you have me thinking about it even more!

  6. Good luck with the NaNoWriMo! I love these cookies. I make them with a hershey kiss in the center. They are so good both ways.

  7. Go for it...
    I've heard/read soooo much about Nano over the past months...
    Nice to meet you... from the other side of the globe!

  8. Re:
    4: I'm so sorry. :( Keeping you and your friend in my thoughts.
    5: Correction: A perfectly excellent wip
    7. Tea is better anyway. Coffee sucks.
    8. I miss your pretty face!

  9. Also, I feel you - I have also been doing excessive angst baking (and insomnia practicing) on account of STUPID WRITER'S BLOCK.

  10. I don't angst bake, but I DO angst eat baked goods. :)

    I'm so very sorry to hear of your friend's tumor. I'll send up prayers for her.

    I pants/wing-it it too...and I've always won, every year. I know you can do it.

    Maybe getting away from your current wip for a while and coming back to it after Nano will give you fresh eyes and perspective.

    Nano is a lot of fun...just enjoy yourself!


  11. I'm so glad you shared this recipe. I finally got around to making them the other day, doubling everything but the sugar, and they were SOOOOOO good (though certainly not as pretty as the picture either.)

    Best of luck with Nanowrimo in the midst of everything else. You're a champion.


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