Tuesday, September 27, 2011

in which i confess my fears.

I have recently {i.e. within the past hour} made a huge discovery...

I am whiney-pants scared of blogging, anymore.

What is this phenomenon? I'd say it has something to with:

If I blog, I won't write. If I don't write, why am I blogging about it?
I never post anything useful.
I can't share actual book opinions, in case the author sees it.
{Remember when I said that Fallen was not my cup of tea? Truth: I thought it was terrible.}
So-and-so said I was funny, so now everyone wants *the funny*, but what if it was a FLUKE?
Ack, I can't say Oh my pants, anymore, because now it might offend somebody.
{Hm, which I just put in huge bold letters above this list.}
The Campaigners expect something from me, but I suck at delivering.
Crap, I shouldn't say suck, either.
Crap, I can't even say crap!

You see how it escalates. WELL. I apologize for all the offending I imagine I do, even though I {maybe} don't. I'm hoping this week breaks me of my fear, because I have at least three posts up my sleeve before going on a backpacking trip this weekend.


Just had to throw out a little honesty. I feel better.

le source.


  1. I know the fear about blogging, I get it all the time. The offending thing? Honestly, you are who you are. I never understand why people read blogs they don't like just so they can complain. There are a million other blogs out there to read if you don't like the one you're reading.

    Keep on being you :-)

  2. say what you want. people will respond or ignore. it's your voice, people who like it will probably like your writing so keep it real!

  3. Yeah. I get it.

    And now I want a squirrel costume.

  4. Ah, yes... there is the danger of procrastinating your writing because you spend time blogging... but J, baby... Your other reason are just holding you back. Your blog is about you and your expression of thoughts... putting yourself out there... That's not easy! Especially for an introvert ;) But! The thing is... you can say what you want, how you want! And people can agree or disagree! They can think you are funny or be offended! It's all up to them. Be brave. Say what ya need to say. Oh my PANTS!


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