Friday, September 16, 2011

the champion drooler makes friends in real life.

Notice anything different? Fair warning, my friends: I may like consistency elsewhere, but on the blog, j'aime le change... ment. My previous hold of five months was a record. {On the Xanga page I had in college, I changed the look more often than I posted.} And so, if this blog starts to look different every time you visit, my apologies. For now, though... you like?

Mmm, new things. I am a champion drooler* over new things. And I don't mean material things, necessarily, lest you harrumph at my covetousness. This is not a post about my covetousness {that one will involve shoes and iPhone apps and books}. This is a post about the rosy cusp of possibility, where the best outcomes still seem the most likely. Ahh.

We are back from our 15 days of America-hopping madness, and it's got me feeling... new. Like, there was my life before going to Yellowstone/meeting Jeigh freaking Meredith in person {and sleeping on her comfy couch for a weekend}, and now there's my life AFTER.

Here, have some Tang {Orange! Great for Breakfast! Possibly Flammable!} whilst I list {am I the only person who likes Tang? With lists? And whilsts?}:

1. It is, perhaps, not as creepy as I once thought to make writer friends on the internet. Fancy that. Of course, you're all like, "Derr, isn't that what the Campaign is FOR?" Yes. But I was once hesitant.

2. Something changes when you meet a blog buddy/crit partner/story cheerleader in person. You notice things you could never pick up from emails or phone chats, like the color of her hair {kind of reddish! did you know?}, or her piano skill level {much higher than expected}, or the fact that she actually is a mom, with real live children and stuff. Amazing, I know.

Towely is watching you.
3. Also wonderful is that, when meeting with a writer friend, you can leave the saucy minx of book-shame at home. It's not the same as telling a new, unaccustomed friend that you're writing a fantasyish novel-or-something for young people, or maybe grown-ups, if they like to read stuff for young people, stop looking at me like that. Jeigh already knows. Our friendship was catalyzed by the fact that we are BOTH writing fantasyish novels-or-something for young people, etc. It's liberating to not fear the knee-jerk, sideways glance, you know? {Is that just me?}

4. Sleep is for later-times. Five AM is for giggling.

5. If you've been following Jeigh for a while {what's that? You're not a Jeigh-follower? Well, you'd better get on that {she totally knows a short-cut}. I'll be here when you get back}, you've probably seen something about her freakish reading speed. It is {...going to be?}, as one Barney Stinson might say:

Truth. WELL. I got to experience the legend first hand, and let me say... what, 350 pages, Jeigh? Yeah. In five hours. I have a lot to learn from this woman.

6. In other news! Remember this picture from our adventures in Gatlinburg?

Yeah? Yeah? Any last guesses? No? Well, here--from 6:40 to 6:57--is what it immediately made me think of:

And that's two Phineas and Ferb clips in a month. At least this one was in English.

Alas, this post is not as much about the rosy cusp of possibility as I'd planned, unless you count that I am so excited to be back in my own home after half a month, it makes me want to be *productive.* I might even exercise.

This has potential to be STELLAR.
Or, perhaps... legendary.

{Y'all watch How I Met Your Mother and Phineas and Ferb, right? A perfectly logical combination.}

7. Huh. Y'all.


  1. Your blog is pretty! :D And it sounds like you and Jeigh had tons of fun! I think the next time you take a state-hopping trip, you should...maybe...if you want to...come to Arizona! :)

  2. I used to think making friends with people you never met was a ridiculous notion. Not so much now.

    I like Tang. And Jeigh. She's pretty awesome.

  3. It sounds like you had an amazing time, I'm so glad.

  4. Oh my gosh. I don't even know where to start quoting on this post. So much quotable. Uh, yo, I love Tang! It reminds me of my grandma's house, which is the only place I ever got it. She served it hot.

    You need to send me a copy of that one picture where my hair looked super-red. Because, you know, it makes me feel cool to be your somewhat-redheaded friend and also because I only saw it once.

    Thank you for noticing my piano skills. I practiced that song constantly for over a week before you came and part of the motivation was to impress you. HA!

    "Saucy minx of book-shame" and "Sleep is for later-times. Five AM is for giggling." are officially two of my favorite new catchphrases.

    350 pages, 5 hours, AND dinner and bedtime in between. *cough* Just to set the record straight :)

    Also, YOU MADE MY NAME A LABEL!! Are you going to talk about me more? :B

    Well, this blog post has over-inflated my head and since I'm in the kitchen and you know how my bedroom is upstairs and there's no way I can fit up the stairs anymore, I might just have to sleep off this ego-rush on my comfy couch.

    I love you! Come back and visit soon!!

  5. Hi Julie, just wanted to let you know that I gave your blog the Liebster Award today! =)

  6. I've been contemplating getting up an hour earlier-- making it 5 am-- so I can get in both writing and exercising before getting my kids to school and me to work. Your line of "Five AM is for giggling" may have won me over. Five AM it is!

    My hubby likes Tang. I don't get it.

  7. Ok, well let me first crack me up!!! Love this post and it makes me feel happy for you that you are back home and ready to go! I think it is fantastic you got to meet one of your crit partners face to face.
    Maybe one day I can too.
    And no, you are not the only one at all who gets those side glances when telling people you write YA. Oh well. Welcome back to real life:)

  8. So glad you got to meet a writing buddy! Sounds like you got a huge boost from it.

  9. I am in such need of a vacation. thanks for sharing your. I will now go back and check out Jeigh because, no i don't know her.

  10. Hey! I gave you an award for your blog=)

  11. Writing buddies are the best . . . better than an Easter Bunny or Santa. Not quite as lucrative as the Tooth Fairy.

    I like the new look. It's easy on the eye and welcoming, so guess I'd better soak it up now because it'll be gone on my next visit, right?

    Vacations need to come more frequently as far as I'm concerned. Glad yours was so great.

    See you around the campaign.


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