Saturday, June 11, 2011

about louisville and jennifer.

There is a lump in my throat the size of... I don't know... a gerbil, probably. Not in an emotional way so much as a nervous way. Why, you ask? Well. Because the extras casting for, uh, Artemis, looks like it's moving on to finding people for the Capitol. And, you know. I'd really, really like to be a part of that. They've got my info. I guess I just have to wait... again. Sigh.

In other, moderately related news, being home in Louisville is fun because Jennifer Lawrence is a big deal to everyone, not just folks who follow The Hunger Games. And, let's be honest, those folks are a little scant in Knoxville (no matter how much we supposedly read). I went to see X-Men last night with a friend, Dani, who used to babysit Jennifer, and when James McAvoy kissed her on the cheek, Dani leaned over to me and stage-whispered, "JAMES MCAVOY JUST KISSED HER!" Another friend from church growing up, Matt (we'll call him Matt W, because I have a lot of Matts in my life), was there with his girlfriend, and we sat and talked about what Jennifer was like as a kid all through the credits. We kept talking until the lights came back on, and then talked some more in the hallway. One highlight was Matt W saying, "That's not Mystique. That's... ... ... ... ... Jennifer."

I can't imagine how strange and exciting seeing her as Katniss is going to be.


And if you're wondering if I'm blatantly name-dropping for the fun of it, I guess I am.
But, hey. It's legit. :)

In other news, I turned 26 yesterday, I still have a hundred pages left of Monsters of Men, and I'm going to be starting my first week at camp on Monday. This is going to be a good summer.

[but pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pick me for filming in August]


  1. Good luck! That would be so cool if you got picked. I'd probably freak out along with you.
    And late Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday (belated), and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get cast as an extra in the movie! :)

  3. Pleasepleasepleaseplease be filming in August! But if not, have fun at camp. Do you still have texting abilities at camp? If not, I will console myself accordingly.

  4. I do hope you get picked, it would make it the best summer ever for you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Ellie Garratt


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