Thursday, April 14, 2011

that thing this weekend.

Answer time! The boy who voiced Markl in the English dubbed version of Howl is none other than Josh Hutcherson, of course. I don't know why I haven't gloated about this sooner, but yeah. Total happy dance when I found out he got the part in the Hunger Games. Remember the ridiculous picture from that one post, which I made by cutting and pasting Hunter Parrish's hair onto his head?

Well. Guess it's not so ridiculous after all. As long as he doesn't actually look like a thrown-together, giggle-inducing Gimp project in the real thing (you would have giggled, too; when we first added the hair, it looked like a furry, lopsided helmet).

Anyway, onto other things. And by "other" things, I really just mean more Hunger Games things. I do apologize to anyone reading this who would like for me to stop talking about it, as I once foolhardily said I would do (uh, I had my fingers crossed?). Because... there's something going on this weekend. Something I always promised myself I would try for the very next chance I got. And here it is, my very next chance, and so I'm going for it.

It just happens to be for the Hunger Games (codename: "Artemis")

There's an open casting call for extras in Shelby, NC on Saturday, and in Concord, NC on Sunday. Do you know how weak in the knees I was anyway, after hearing this was going to be filmed so close to where I currently live? Compound that with learning that I would have a chance to be involved... this just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? [You may want to look away. This is about to get messy.] First, I fall in love (weird, violent, depressing love) with the books (that was the easiest part), then a girl I used to know gets cast as Katniss (still not over that), then the boy I'd been rooting for the whole time gets Peeta (woohoo, vindication), then I find out it's being filmed a mere two-to-three hours from me, then I see the casting call... !!!!


Okay. Now that I've gotten that out of my system... want to see the pictures I'm debating between for current snapshots? And yes, they are current. Like, yesterday current.

Oh my. It takes a certain kind of vanity to post pictures of yourself on your blog, and then ask your readers to pick which one they like best... (please?)

Well, now that y'all know about my secret (or not so secret) propensity to geek out over things, I hope we can still be friends. If any of you are in the general NC region, please come and join me! And, in case you couldn't guess, no matter what I say (or what happens on Saturday), I will probably not stop talking about the Hunger Games for a long, long time.

Brace yourselves.


  1. They're all beautiful, but if I had to choose, I'd go with #2 or #3 since we see more of your face. If I had to choose, I'd go with #2 just because you look so artistic and unique, like someone people would want in a movie. Break a leg!

  2. I agree with Heather. I like the second for a "serious actor" pose. The third is good because it's close up, but I don't like the face your making....would love to see a close up of the first one because that's how I see you...sitting in a chair, just smiling. :)

  3. Thanks friends! I agree, all around.

  4. I'm too late for my opinion to matter, but I like #2 for the headshot. But that one in the swing is so darn cute! GOOD LUCK! (I'm plastering all our communication pods with good vibes)



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