Monday, April 4, 2011

the most inspired i've ever been while surrounded by sponges and listening to the cupid shuffle. or, city museum, part two!

Oh, yes, the Cupid Shuffle blared from the next room as the Hoboken Duschene* prom drew to a close. Without my contacts, it took me several steps before I saw that these were sponges, not blocks, and I knew we would be here for a while. A minute later, I heard this mysterious child:

(hereafter referred to as Future Architect)
   say these incredible things to his dad (and I paraphrase):
Future Architect: I've never felt this way before about anything.
Dad: What's that buddy?
Future Architect: I can make whatever I want. There are so many possibilities!

I melted. There was joy involved. 
Joshua started building his tower.

I went over to revel.

I was so excited about what the kid had said, I asked Joshua to take a picture of me with the sponges.**
He obliged.

Oh, the possibilities!

I was really, really happy.
Joshua's tower turned out pretty cool, too.

Note the Future Architect's masterpiece in the background,
and his little sister, actin' a fool.

And I took an artsy-fartsy picture of myself:

All in all, it was one of my better Cupid Shuffle experiences.

*not the real high school's name, but close enough.
** I actually flubbed and said, "Will you take my picture with the possibilities?" And he looked at me like I was nuts and said, "What?" before I clarified that I meant the sponges.

P.s. I am so sorry if I got the Cupid Shuffle stuck in your head. If it's any consolation, I did it to myself, too.



  1. "Will you take my picture with the possibilities?" Oh, how I love you. That earned a full-blown snort.

    Future Architect=adorable. So meltingly sweet.

    Some day, let's go the the museum together and make snow angels in the possibilities, okay?


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