Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow day: round two.

Joshua made it to work today, so I'm here all alone.  Ice and snow + misplaced phone = not leaving the house today again.  But that's just fine by me.  I'll miss checking out more books, but it'll be worth it to get some things done around the house (i.e. take naps and paint a picture).  It's only the 11th, and I'm already halfway through book #4 for this month.  I'm going to go ahead a stock up now, since I know I won't have as much time to read later on.

I'm starting to get super excited about camp this summer.  But when am I not excited about camp, really?

Anyway, who wants to see some cool pictures?  I perused The Boston Globe's 2010 in photos earlier, and some of them really struck me.  All are worth seeing (though, I will admit that I skipped over the viewer-discretion-advised ones--I have a small stomach), but here are a handful of my favorites:

A vigil for the late president of Poland.
A boy having fun in the rain in Cuba.
I guess gold miners don't mind being covered with the stuff they dig up.
In fact, this guy looks right jolly about it.  :)
Some things are the same on every continent.
Kids are adorable.
I love the falling olives.  Makes me think of Greece.
Three sisters showing a photo of their Christian mother,
who was sentenced to death for her beliefs.
On a lighter note, I want to go to this art exhibit.
Last but not least: safe and sound!
[For all the terrible things that happened in 2010,
wasn't it a thrill to have something to celebrate?]
And that's all I have to say about that.

In other news, I also discovered a neat-looking program called Blurb that helps you make your own books (like Mac photo books, but it doesn't have to be just for photos).  I can see myself wasting a lot of time and money here.  Wouldn't it be fun to take a bunch of neat pictures and turn them into a fairy tale book or something?  I see some very interesting Christmas presents in my loved one's futures.

Oh my gosh, I can't think about it too much or I'll get overly excited and not to ANYTHING today.

Oh, and one more thing.  We went skiing in the backyard yesterday.  I should have taken pictures.  Instead, here's a picture that shows up in Google image search under the words "skiing in the backyard."

original here

Yay snow!

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