Thursday, July 29, 2010

sleep deprived after two weeks at loucon, i went to visit my mom at hallmark, and impulsively bought three packs of silly bands...z.

Don't make fun.  They're kind of awesome.

Okay, make fun.  They're not that awesome.

But what can I say?  I could buy all sorts of kooky, nostalgic junk on a camp high.  I think my thought process went something like this:

Silly Bandz!  Why do they spell that with a Z?  What's wrong with the S?  I like the S better.  We sell the off-brandz at Mast, but these are so much more detailed.  Hey, you know what, self?  Deaf kidz LOVE Silly Bandz.  And you LOVE deaf kidz.  And Loucon!  You want everything around you to remind you of camp, self.  This one has a message in a bottle/awesome little gecko/sparkly red dragon in it!  Done, done, done.

And I did not know that the name brand packs come with 4 of each kind, not 2 like the off-brands we carry.  So, instead of the 36 I'd anticipated, I soon became the proud owner of 72 Silly Bandz.  Denang.

And now I have effectively given away over half of them.

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  1. "Don't make fun. They're kind of awesome.

    Okay, make fun. They're not that awesome."

    Nice flip-flop.



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