Tuesday, July 6, 2010

mid-year resolutions.

All right, friends.  Here's a video of a kitten riding on a turtle, which, like all good things, was found on someone else's facebook page.

In light of that silliness, I have recently discovered that it is very hard for me to go back to work when I could be missing good stuff all around me.  The good stuff I'm thinking of includes days spent with Joshua, days spent at the library, days spent with friends, days spent going home to see my family, et cetera.  Now, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy days spent at Mast General Store, much more than any other job I've had since Loucon, but not being able to pick my days is what has me down.  For instance, I've been off for the last two days, plus today, which makes a nice little three-day weekend of sorts, but then I'll have to be at work all day every day until Sunday, when I leave for two weeks at camp.  Wh- when am I going to clean and pack?  We went to Chattanooga yesterday... do I have to do it today?  But I wanted to finish reading a book and write a little today.

Which brings me to mid-year resolutions.  I think I have a few.
1.  It's okay to clean up (I usually keep my domesticity so closeted, not even my husband knows where it is).
1.  Try to write for an hour every day, even if it has to be in the evening.  This does not include reading.
2.  Open that dang Bible, girl.  Look at it, learn from it.
3.  Run?  Boo.  I don't like this resolution anymore.  Are you sure I can't get a refund for my marathon registration?  No?  Crap.  I guess I should run, then.
4.  If I'm going to run, I need to stop eating junk food that will slow me down.  Too bad I work in a store that sells candy by the pound.  Bye, candy.  Bye, chocolate.  Bye, rich, heavy cheese.  Hello lettuce and tuna fish?  Sigh.
5.  Tell somebody at work that I appreciate the hours, but I really applied to work part-time, thanks.

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  1. Um... that might be the cutest thing I've seen in months! A kitten riding a turtle!

    Reminds me of the joke: what did the snail say when it got a ride on the turtle's back?




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