Wednesday, March 14, 2012

pi day.

Doesn't make me think of math or food.

Pi day makes me think of this:

A girl can't help her favorite book.


  1. And a happy Pi Day to you, too :)

    Life of Pi was a special read, for sure.

  2. Life of Pi is one of the great ones, that's for sure. So ... are you eating tiger burgers in celebration? Or maybe zebra? Actually, I think Indian food would be totally appropriate and delicious.
    And we were totally in sync with the Richard Palmer thing this week, huh? I just sensed the coming of Pi Day.
    (Actually, I totally forgot about it until I saw someone's facebook status. Teehee.)

    1. Um, I love that you just wrote Palmer instead of Parker, because that's totally my maiden name. haHA!

  3. That book is c to the razy... but totally interesting and a little gory. Happy Pi day to you too.


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