Friday, February 3, 2012

four things.


Remember when Jess met John and Hank Green, and I sort of did, because I was in her pocket?

Well, then it got even more awesome, and this is what came in the mail the other day:

Wahoo, my very own Hanklerfish!


I inadvertently entered and won a flash fiction bloghop the other day {follow link for the prompt}. Inadvertently, because I somehow completely forgot that it was a contest. I posted my entry on Tumblr, because I'd already put something up here that day {hey guys, btw, I'm on Tumblr now, and it is, like, perfect for flash}. I didn't get it up until after midnight... and, I don't know what I was thinking; I totally spaced. When the winners were announced, I was like, "Wait, WHAT?"
Oh, me. I need to rethink my sleep schedule, or something.

So anyway, to all interested parties, head on over and sign up for
 The Knights of Micro Fiction!
Hosted monthly by Kathy McKendry
and her daughter, Jess {hey, I know a lot of you}.
And then check out my wonderful prize-- an interview on Kathy's blog!
Thanks, ladies! I'll try to pay better attention next time.



Highlight of my week:

My actual friend's actual book came out! 
I bought it at freaking Barnes & Noble!!!

It was the coolest thing.
I was able to pick up the phone and
call the author
of the book
 I'd just read...

Seriously, friends. Nothing beats that.

In celebration of Kristen, tune in soon for an interview with her!
She is one of the nicest, most genuine people I've ever known-- I'm sure you guys will love her.



  1. So cool your friend has her book out! Looking forward to reading her interview.
    Thanks for being a part of KOMF!

  2. Yay!! I can't wait till that's us, seeing each other's novels being published. :) Congrats to your friend!!! (and DFTBA)

  3. How cool that your friend is published. living the dream :)

  4. Congrats on your win, and to your friend for being published. I'd love to see my friend's book in B&N someday. And my own. : )

  5. Congrats on winning! I'd imagine it was even better of a surprise, because you didn't even know you could win! And a real live picture from the John Green?? Ack, you're week was so full of win.
    So I just tried to make a tulip emoticon, but I'll be honest, it looked like a cameltoe flower. And now it shall haunt my dreams.
    Aaaand I'm all out of cake. :( (Wonder how that happened!)

  6. congrats to Kristen for the release of her book.
    (and I love that Honda ad)

  7. Buh? Bloghop contest win? Tumblr? Man. Where have I been?



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