Monday, March 21, 2011

some linkage, and assorted jennifer aftermath.

First off, anyone out there easily stressed over lending books to your friends?  I know I am.  Thus, it rarely happens.  But look!  Now you can have your very own library system!  Do I want to buy this out of practicality?  Amusement?  Both?

Second, if you drool over miniatures and dollhouses like I do (and why would you, normal person that you are?), grab a paper towel or two before perusing this incredibleness.

And I found some cool things.  Don't roll your eyes, please.  I know I have a much smaller audience than most of the bloggers who are discussing big issues like Hunger Games casting, but I'm allowing myself to get into it.  I believe I have a fair excuse (see previous post).  And once I get it out of my system, you won't have to hear about it anymore.  Just let me get it out of my system.

From an awesome blog my darling husband found, called WORD for Teens,  this really neat photo mash-up:

And from, the official Hunger Games fan site, this super-exciting banner:

And awesome fan art poster:

I don't know about yousguys, but I'm ready.

More non-Hunger Games-related blogging later.  Promise.


  1. Gaa! I'm drooling all over my computer! I totally want to use that library kit. I don't care if I get weird looks. I have this dream of a ginormous library in my home someday, and now that dream includes a desk where I can use that stamp, like they do in Music Man. Oooh.

    Those dollhouses made me gasp. Jenna was like, "Are those houses we could rent?" And I gushed about how they were miniatures. She backed up kinda fast.

    And Hunger Games. Oh, man. I wish we lived closer together, so we could camp out for the midnight showings!!

  2. Jeigh, we might have to make that camp out a reality, regardless. :)


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