Thursday, April 22, 2010

nothing, in particular

Well, now I know that figuring out what to write in your second-ever blog post is even more difficult than the first.  I want every post to be about something, but I can't decide what.  The most famous/addictive blogs are always about one thing.  Whether it be raising foster kittens, cooking through Julia Child's recipes, or sharing daily wedding tips/pictures... these are the sorts of blogs that catch eyes, and sometimes get turned into books and movies.  Granted, that is not my goal in the least, but I feel like it would be easier for me to write if I had some focal topic, other than just an endless slew of what-I-did-todays.

So what focal topics can I offer?  Living way out in the country was my first thought, but it's not like I'm the only one who does.  Living here is far less interesting than, say, living on Mt. LeConte.

There's always the cat, but it sort of creeps me out when I read blogs from the 'pet's point-of-view.'  I'm not that kind of a person... at least, not yet.  Let's hope I can hold it off for a while.

Running is interesting, to some. The fact that I'm registered to run a marathon in six months should be interesting to all, considering my lack of experience and abysmal athleticism.  This can be where I document my gruesome training and ultimate unraveling at the 18-mile mark on 10/10/10.  Let this not be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but perhaps one day this will be made into a movie-- one that shakes its finger, as if to say, "Don't run a marathon if you are physically incapable, or you may die, or turn into human spaghetti."  A morality play for couch potatoes and theatre majors who get themselves confused with the cross country team.

A runner friend of mine said the other day, "You are one brave woman."  Am I?  You've been running since middle school, and I'm brave for doing a marathon after only running for a year?  Uh-oh.  I think the word you're looking for is "stupid," not brave.  My 2:55-finishing husband has tricked me into believing that, just as "anyone can cook," anyone can run 26.2 miles in one go (in less that six hours).  This may be my downfall.

If I'm dramatic enough, it could work.  But these are just silly fears, things that gnaw on my brain and get in the way of my primary feeling, which is that I enjoy running enough to desire the training, and that I will most likely not die on October 10th, and that if I walk some/don't finish, no one will hold it against me.  I also doubt I want to devote an entire blog to the experience.

I like writing, but after mentioning it in the last post, I felt very self-conscious and pretentious.  Joshua and I go hiking a lot, but I don't want to only talk about that, either.  Maybe I'll just stick to the "slew," and write what I know.  It won't be concise, and there will be many topics, but I'll probably enjoy it more , and chances are, so will you.  Can it be decided, then?  Julie Maughon is writing a blog about nothing, in particular, which may include (but won't be limited to) living way out in Rockford, the cat, running, hiking, noteworthy occurrences, good movies/music, traveling, various amusements, reading/writing, et cetera.

Thanks for letting me work it out.

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